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Your Health Comes First
Youth Back
The Canadian girl Lissa's before & after pictures were taken about 1 year apart after going on raw foods from a normal diet. She's in her mid 30's. A url for her can be found at the bottom of this website. She had a long list of diseases & ailments, which prompted her diet change. All these conditions she put up with before are now gone. She did  very little exercise during the year. She now exercises about once a week. She's a
great help for recipes & has writtin 2 books. I'm sure some of her opinions differ from mine. Lissa is not associated with me except
that I'm using her images as an example of what raw foods can do.

The Purple Flower video (above) is an interview with Atlantis who largely has quit eating & she has nothing to do with Lissa or myself.
Better quality recordings of her interviews & a picture of her can be found here:

 Below is a facebook group url with a  number of before & after pictures of raw vegans. if there really exists a desire to look much more vibrant, slim, fit, & youthful, plus get rid of disease, these
examples are incredible & yet average. If one believes man was meant to eat then
eating all raw will keep you disease & fat free.
Only You Can  

  Start to  take responsibility  for what happens to your body.  It's  your aging  and  your disease. 80% of it has to do with the  acidic dry quality of what  you've  ingested over time.   Only  20%
has to do with lack of a little helpful exercise.  Exercise really doesn't take much time just
consistency. However, it is  very significant if you want to succeed with reversing aging.
   The  main part  involves  several short bursts of movement in a row with a good
rest in between.  Short  efforts  combined  with  significant  pauses  in
between makes this part of the exercise relatively quick and
easy. More about the minimum exercise with the
maximum results towards the end.
Why This Works
A healthy body  is primarily water,  runs off of micro electricity,  has a high PH value of
7.4, firm muscles, a strong heart and lungs, and is alive & raw. Grrrr!  If  one  chooses  
to eat substances they should reflect those facts if you desire to keep the body as it
was gifted to you, youthful and energetic. Any substance put in your mouth that is
not primarily water, not electric, not high PH relative to the body's,  & not alive  &
raw is a deviation from how your system is naturally. This is  eventually  going to
change  the body  to  reflect those differences  to it's detriment.  Low PH  food is
acidic to  humans or  toxic  or poisonous.  It may  not be at a level that will kill
you right away but after a few short years  it will  take  it's  toll  guaranteed.
Acidic,  low  level poisonous, or  toxic  are  all  interchangeable  terms  just
defined in terms  of the  human  system.  From  this point  on I'll use 
the term toxic. Understand your DNA &  youth are also  factors in
how fast toxicity  acts  on your specific body.  Stronger DNA will
hold up longer but all  will  eventually succumb  to toxic,
non-organic, dry,  non-electric-cooked,
thick, so-called food.
Gift Yourself Upgrade More Efficient JACKPOT!
This  will definitely  upgrade  your entire life  affecting  both your psyche and physique. However way  you can  find your way  to acknowledging this  information with your
current  way  of thinking &  test it  to your advantage, will absolutely  help to gain
back  your health & or extend your life  by decades.  Yes, it  definitely  involves
discipline & that can be found at your own pace  incrementally or with great
 hast  based upon your situation.  Just experimenting with this  knowledge
for a few weeks will quickly bring the  realization  of how  amazing  this
can be for how you feel and look. The false nutritional programming
 will  begin to fall away quickly at that point. You've hit the jackpot
in discovering how to keep healthy & live a very long time. Let
your largest organ  be your gauge.  Your Skin will begin to
glow & eventually become shinny & as smooth as a
babies  butt  once  you've  used  this  info  long
  enough. Realize no one is going to do this
for you.  It's  your  gift  to  yourself.
Life Begets Life
The book  "The China Study" is the definitive long term cross cultural study  that shows without
a doubt  that  any  consumption  of animal products results in a shorter life with more disease.
Putting  things  into your body that are low in water content, don't hold an electric  charge, &
are  acidic  will eventually  change  the body  more and more to reflect that  over time.  The
dryer, less charged, more acidic your system becomes the less  energy you have, the more
your skin becomes  wrinkled,  the more disease you'll get, and  the sooner  you die.  The
disinformation  and outright lies to get people to ignore this study is epic.  Big Pharma
makes money off of sick people. They are definitely threatened by vegan knowledge.
Meat  has never  been a legitimate food in any way shape or form.  If you eat only
meat within  2 to 3 weeks  you die period.  It  does  not sustain  you,  it kills you.
The slanted  scientific  community  says it has to do with a  lack of  vitiman C
& calls it Scurvy but it's much more than that.  It's an acidic / toxic / poison
build up.  They  won't even mention meat  when  defining the  disease.
To say that some plant foods are a good substitute for meat is like
saying  Jesus  is  a  good  substitute  for  Lucifer.  This  is  just
  another example  of  how  deeply  embedded  the  false
programming  from  the  slaughter  house
companies has become in this society.

Neutral Time   
 Time does not age you.  Time plus bad habits age you & get you sick.  Bad habits are what most  today refer to as  normal.  We live in a  very sick stressed  society  by design.  There is nothing broken about it.  It  was  built  that  way  on  purpose. You  can't  control  a  healthy  happy  society.  So time  plus 
radically  great  habits  can  turn  it  all  around.  Time  is  a  neutral  factor neither  good nor bad. Please let that sink in. The only reason why these suggestions are radical is most of our society
 has become so fucked up with what we consider normal. Our parents, friends, and others all
follow or teach us bad habits without knowing.
I raised my son and never took him to a doctor unless he broke a bone to have it set. If ever he
 got sick I'd tell him to stop ingesting what he was getting outside of the house. I told 
him to only eat what ever he wanted in the fridge, however much he wanted to
 eat, however often he wanted to. I only kept raw produce in the fridge.
 He was always well within 3 days maximum.
Young Health Nerd
            Health became a lifetime study because of understanding it's significance as a child. 
       In my early 50's I attended a health educator course for 9 weeks at Hippocrates 
Health Institute. It was mainly a review for me but I walked away with a
 certificate  stating I was a  Health Educator.  For over 50 years  this 
Institute  has  been guiding  people  to  consume  raw  foods
and  there  by  has  watched  them  as  they  over  came 
all the  so called  incurable diseases.  The body  can 
reverse  any  disease if provided with the right
environment and in time enough to do so.
 There are many such institutes.
One Disease - Stored Acidic Mucous Combo
Raw living high water content charged food is digested and passes through the body so  easily
using  so little energy, and happens so quickly,  that it simply leaves the  body  with   enough
 left over  energy  to do the work of getting rid of  past ingested  and stored  toxicity.  This
 stored acidic food and the body's response to it is  the primary  reason for aging and
  disease.  The body protects itself from toxicity by  surrounding  it with mucous.
This  mucous toxic combo builds up  over time  causing fat and disease. This
means  there is only one disease. This disease is  given several labels
depending   on how,  where,  and how  acutely it manifests.  It's
mainly the result of a mucous toxic combo accumulation.
  The body is rarely given   time between meals  to  clean
out  the  older  stored acidic combo  first.  And  the
longer and more that is  stored, the   more toxic
and energy depleting it becomes.  Lack of
a little beneficial regular exercise
certainly contributes to this.
Again,  for true anti  and  reverse aging  HIGH WATER CONTENT RAW FOOD  is the way to go. The simple reason for this is it's much faster and more effective at helping the body to  sweep or 
clean out  all the old toxicity and mucous.  Raw fruit is actually charged with electricity &
has enough charge to light a small light bulb. At first you may have to start crowding
 out your normal diet by adding more HiwawaRaw to gradually change your old
embedded  habits.  As the percentage  of HiwawaRaw  consumed  increases
 the effects speed up. But  until you start consuming 99.9+% HiwawaRaw
 the most dramatic & obvious effects of the reversing aging process
 will not  truly begin.  Disease is much easier  and  will  be
reversed  by  the  body  fairly  quickly  first.
Repetition is good - Thick Clogging Toxic
Please re-read the last 2 lines in the last paragraph once more. It's important enough to keep in
mind every time you consume something other than raw food.  Most of the time a cooked food
diet is going  to activate the  mucous response  because of greater toxicity cooking causes or it
is just  so heavy,  dry, and cumbersome to digest easily it will clog you up or both.  The body is essentially a  porous filter  of what ever you put in it.  Look carefully  at what you're about to
eat. Ask yourself;  Is this so  thick and dry that it's going to clog up my filter  or  help clean it
out?  Is this  toxic enough  to cause a  mucous response?  Both these questions need to be
asked before consuming anything. Perhaps what you were about to eat is both toxic and
thick  enough  to  clog  your  system  up.  You will eventually be able to  see at a glance.
Anything dense, dry, and thick is going to contribute  to clogging it up  and slowing it
down.  The  reason  raw food  is  so important  should now  be  obvious.  It's much
higher in  water content,  is not toxic, and still holds an electrical charge.  Your
body  runs off of  micro electricity.  So most  raw foods  comes with  it's own
charge to help the body pass it through quickly. Some raw food is actually
clogging  to  your  system.  These  would  be  nut  butters  and  so-called
dehydrated raw foods, where as cooked zucchini or squash is pretty
easily  digested. Overall cooked food is much harder to digest and
there's  little  to  never  enough  time  between  meals for the 
body to catch up and deal with disease and reverse aging. 
Both  are  mainly  the  result  of  past  heavy  and
or  toxic  meals  never  fully  cleaned  out. 
Love Yourself - No Regrets
Habits sometimes change slowly so be compassionate with yourself. If you can't make the
initial change to raw all at once a good habit to get in is to always have some raw food
with each bite of cooked food. This will help the cooked food to slide through you
more easily,  actually  tastes better  than cooked food alone,  and  has less
chance of activating a mucous response. This then has less ability to
do you harm by being storing up over a long period of time.
It also helps establish the habit of eating at least
some raw every time you eat.
Fractal Universe - As Above So Below - Plasmatarian
Much of what we eat is used to help clean out older stored food and stops the detoxing process
making  you feel better.  Humans live by virtue of being a whole universe unto themselves.  The
universe  doesn't need  anything  outside of itself  to exist.  The universe is a plasma generating
unit.  From  plasma  in  food  we  sustain the body by only about 20%. We live because of plasma
generated in the atmosphere of Earth. The Earth, Sun, and humans are plasma generating units
according  to  nuclear engineer physicist M. T. Keshe. We derive 80% of our sustenance from the
atmosphere.  We  consume this  atmospheric plasma with each breath. By weight & volume we
consume 4 times more plasma from the air each day than food. This includes amino acids since
plasma is  pure energy.  This combination of  magnetic and gravitation  energy are the building
blocks of all material. The idea of a Breatharian is a complete misnomer. We are Plasmatarians
whether we eat or not. And there are people who generate and obtain enough plasma from the
Earth's atmosphere such that they don't need to eat. Saliva which is made up of plasma is
created by the body more and more as one gradually cuts out food and drink.  So the
body is also a plasma generating unit. Once you stop all consumption your body is
actually creating about 8 full glasses of saliva every 24 hours that it naturally
swallows  without  a thought about it. This is a key part of how the body
maintains itself without  any  intake of  so-called  food. Stop eating
too quick and the system hasn't fully adjusted yet  to pure
atmospheric and self generated plasma then so-called
starvation happens.
Why We Live  Love Electricity
Inedia is the word for people who  CHOOSE  not to eat. You might say  like any universe  we live
because  of  plasma, light, and etherical  energy,  & because we are a projection & reflection of
the creator. We therefore  also create energy  ourselves  with  thought,  meditation,  physical 
exercise,  LOVE,  & emotions.  It's  also there  for us  in the sunshine  &  through  the unseen
etherical plane. The Sun is a metallic plasma electrical device similar to a light bulb & not
a burning fusion gas giant. The lies we've been told are endless.  We live in an electrical
plasmatic universe &  everything is connected.  Get outside barefoot in sun & fresh air
daily to recharge. Study "grounding" for why to be barefoot. I've one large magnet
under each foot as I sit in front of the computer. This provides a similar effect
to grounding.  Frequently I'm bouncing my legs up & down for good
circulation also.  Raising consciousness  allows for  the universe
to provide us with more energy.  See Dr. David  Hawkins 
work for the scientific proof of this. There's
nothing  mysterious  about  it. 
A Few Medical Doctors Are Aware
While attending Hippocrates Health Institute I met a medical doctor who was aware of a whole
 group of medical doctors who studied a man who didn't eat or drink long enough, while
 being confined by them, for the doctors to know that he didn't need to. The man 
never passed urine, never defecated, didn't lose weight, and never ate or 
drank anything. This is just one example that was verified by medical
doctors for themselves that eating is not what everyone does.
Coasting Along
There's no suggestion to quit consuming everything in order to reverse aging. That is a personal
goal that will only resonate with a very few in which food seems more like a chore than a
pleasure. Curiously it was back in 1967 that first exposure to this information showed
up from different people and books. A psychic who had uncanny abilities once told
me I had worked on age extension technology several lifetimes ago. Perhaps
that's why it was exciting and as much reading material found about it
was found. Haven't reached the goal but there's been progress.
 There's no rush either. People already say there's a younger
look about me than age would reveal without having
reached the goal. Many have quit food since
 having learned about it. This has given
me more data and pointers to
achieve the goal. 
Crowding Out - Find Your Way
 There's no specific time frame suggestion about how long this is supposed to take.
Just take it day to day. Crowding out what you normally consume is the 
order of the day. Raw fruit and vegetables, their juices, and high
 PH water is what needs to be added. Keep trying new
raw things and combinations until you find what
you truly enjoy and then let them become
 some of your favorite meals. 
Consistency is key.
Raw 1st HiwawaRaw Later Lower Quantity
 Keep in mind it's the  highest water content raw food that you're aiming for. To start just going
raw will be enough. There are restaurants everywhere serving raw food. They usually offer
meals that mimic traditional ones. Even though raw they can be very heavy and dry with
a lot of  nut butters  for sauces. These can be a  great stepping stone  to begin with in
 getting  used to  just raw food. Then  later the highest water content raw food is
where the great benefits are. Like myself many need to take it one step at a
time. Of course back tracking for most is just part of the process unless
you've  super human  will power  to change long  standing  habits
instantly.  Eventually  your  favorite  meals  become a glass of
juice, a smoothie, a slim slice of melon, a small container
of organic apple sauce etc. This very light quantity
way of eating has an uplifting effect on your
energy, psyche, & freedom and can put a
smile  on  your face  with  the  extra
energy  of eating  this way.  This
is how  many  small  children
eat. It's just a  small  play
thing & then on to the
next  fun  thing.
Brilliance of Nature Optional System
The reason man has internal digestive organs is to digest  mothers milk  and have the option of
experiencing the pleasure of food if wanted. After breast feeding digestion is not  mandatory.
The  full beneficial effects of breast feeding come at age 4. So, the minimum time to breast
feed is 4 years. 4 to 7 years is recommended. After weaning there's nothing else needed.
All ingestion after mothers milk  is toxic  to one extent or another. Digestion at  that
time becomes a defense mechanism. If the body didn't digest food it would rot,
 turn  way  more toxic,  and poison the body  to death.  The Human system
was created by  The Brilliance of Mother Nature.  Imagine  the design
blue print for man.  The unseen chakra system alone  is way beyond
  our capabilities  & can only be put in the realm of magic. Do you
really think the design  didn't include an internal system of
maintenance?  Surely that was barely an after thought.
Just  because we eat all the time now and have  for
  generations doesn't mean the original system
design  isn't  still  in  place.  We've  just
forgotten about  it  collectively. 
That  will  change  as  we 
continue to recall
who we are.
Digestion Defense Mechanism
So  when  science  states  we  absorb food and use  it  for  this  or that it is  more of  just an observation and an assumption.  Sure the  body stores food in it cells and obtains  some
plasma from it. It can't get rid of the food all at once so it stores it. Again, digesting and
 storing food is more of a defense mechanism after weaning. As a plasma absorbing
& generating unit the body creates what ever it needs for itself by itself   but it
can't do this job sufficiently enough if it is constantly bogged down with new
toxic cooked food put in 3 or more times a day. Also, if one were to quit 
food abruptly the stress created by the lack of the addiction may
also be a factor leading to the body's demise. Stress alone
creates toxicity and a constant  stress  like that  would
be enough to poison the entire system. So your
attitude and knowledge comes into play
here. If the body knows what you are
doing & are doing it slow enough
over time it will adapt to your
will to stop food only since
the  system  to  do  this
was always already
built into it.
Dairy - Dead Animal Flesh
Here's a  fair example.  The dairy industry says to eat it's  products for calcium.  But if you know
about how toxic their products are then you may also be aware that in order to digest dairy &
protect itself from  this toxic item the body leeches it's  own calcium  from it's bones.  These
animal  products  then  end up  being  the  number  one  cause  of osteoporosis.  The more
consumed  the higher the rate of  disease  period.  The  statistics  don't lie  but the dairy
industry does,  and they do that in a  variety of ways. You will find  this data  if you do
your research but you will also find distorted fraudulent stats and studies too put
out by this criminal industry. I'm not here to guide your way through that maze.
I've already done it.  I'm here to help but I will only go so far.  You'll have to
figure out  what kind  of world you  live  in  all  by  yourself.  So again the
dairy industry is saying to consume their products for calcium when
they are robbing the body of calcium. The body will get around to
correcting this if you lay off all animal products & eat in such
fashion as to give your body the energy and time to do
so. Supplements with calcium cause other problems.
BTW the lies you've been programmed with to get
you to  believe  you  need to eat  dead  animal
corpses are just fucking criminal & insane.
All the  nonsense  about  protein  is a
complete sham, a farce. No one
has ever gotten sick because
of a lack of protein period.
The opposite is true.
Fraud Death Prison
Conservatively, a significant portion of the entire scientific industry is  fraudulently controlled.
It's really time wake up.  There are 6 corporations that control the vast majority of scientific
studies. It's implied with a wink & a nod to the scientists what the  conclusion of any given
study they are funding is supposed to say. Only the scientists who play along get funded
regularly over and over. If they agree they pay them handsomely & these researchers
proceed knowing full well the likelihood they will be engaged in fraud is very high.
The corporations then get their propaganda and the programmed sheeple of
the world continue to buy their products. If the scientists speak up about
this, well lets just say in this world at this time whistle blowers are
killed, prosecuted, and sometimes suicided before the thought
even starts to occur to them. They do all this just to tie
up loose ends that could get these corporations
and  their  executives  implicated. 
Cancer Causes - Aging - Breasts - Body Image
Aging is largely the result of stretching the internal organs by accumulating & storing toxic food
over time.  Disease  happens along the way because of this stored toxicity.  People  with cancer
should  not consume sweet fruits  until it's goneCancer loves all  sugar  and  is  instigated  by
meat & other toxins and chemicals. There are plenty of these in  GMO or  non-organic  food, 
tap water, chemtrailed air,  and a long list  of products that you buy on a regular basis like 
shampoos, laundry detergent, and deodorants.  Magnetic  balls  can  clean  your  clothes
& use  Dr. Bronner's soap for almost everything else.  For women: Your armpit immune
system lymph nodes have tubes that lead right to your breasts. Toxic deodorants are 
responsible for a large  percentage of  breast cancers. Once on HiwawaRaw and the
detoxing is largely done  you'll smell just  fine everywhere.  Eating raw  your food
doesn't get a chance to putrefy and smell. There's no rotting dead flesh inside
to cause you to stink & create a need to cover it up. Since stretched organs
cause  your  middle  to  be  convex  once  cleaned out the  front of your
core  should  appear  flat  or  even  concave  like the  shape of a
young  teenager.  A narrower  body shape image has to
be  adopted  if  you  want  to  be  content  with
your  natural  HiwawaRaw  body.
Food - Drug (pharmaceutical or recreational) - Change Your Life DNA
A drug addict  does not live off of their drugs.  Drugs slowly or quickly kill the body period.  How
quickly this happens depends on how toxic, what quantity, how much time you've been at it, &
genetics that you've inherited.  Quick note:  DNA can be altered by thoughts, attitude, diet, &
exercise.  Padmasambhava or Guru Rinpoche of Tibetan Buddhism  was the first in Far  East
to meditate and keep all his thoughts positive for  13 years straight. This not only changed
his DNA for this 3D world, at the end it was well documented by several witnesses that it
changed his entire body  into what was referred to as a  Rainbow Body.  It became non
physical  and  entered  into  the  next  higher  dimension  but could still  be seen as a
rainbow.  From that point  on his followers duplicated  this  process  over  150,000
times.  Each time a follower did this  it was  meticulously  documented.  Western
science is tightly controlled and any  indication  that  we  have control  over our
DNA  is suppressed  and  ridiculed  like the  obvious  alien presence  is.  We all
 live by virtue of being  our own universe.  What the control system does not
want you to know is  you control your life  100%.  So-called food  is a play
thing just like  recreational drugs.  Now let me state that  more clearly.
 All food is a drug. The high of the food drug is of course taste, smell,
anticipation of eating,  relief of  boredom,  love of cooking,  the
feeling  of full,  and the socialization around it.  Many  live  for
food, which is no different than drug addicts living for their
high.  Of course there  is one  substance  that's  been
labeled  a  drug  because  it  threatens  so  many
corporate  interests, hemp. They relabeled it
marijuana to get it made illegal. It can
help reverse cancer among a long
list of diseases. Look it up if
interested. I'm not. My
pot days are long
Alchemy--Herbs Plants Minerals--C60!
There are most definitely  medicinal herbs,  plants, &  minerals  that can reverse aging  &  disease.
 After  50 years  of trying several  things  C-60  suddenly  appeared in my life  because of knowing
alchemy is real & having the intent of finding one of these rare gems.  The first study  came out
in 2012. The intent was to find the toxicity  level of C-60 on rats.  What they found is that  they
lived twice as long or longer.  Ancients used to travel  far & wide  to drink from springs where
rocks & soil were richin C60. It really works. It's been a game changer even for me. It boosted
my gym performance & gave me energy like from my youth.
Listen to this interview by Sarah Westall of Clif High to learn more.
Here's a follow up interview by Sarah with a CEO who created the first company to sell C-60.
Amazon also has C-60

 Replicator Plasma Food Yes or No
Now you know why my goal is to give up all food.  I'm not suggesting that  should  be  your  goal.
In the future we will find a way for our food drugs to be turned into true plasma food. At that
 time you'll be able to consume as much as desired, what ever you want, and it will only
 benefit the body. It will not cause you to age or gain weight nor will there be a need
 to defecate or urinate. This will be food made from sophisticated replicators. The
 technology actually already exists but hasn't been given to us yet. This plasma
food  will  taste  and feel  just like normal food going down.  Until then
 beware  of what  food is currently.  Use it sparingly  and less often. 
There are  also  unsophisticated  replicators  that  create  food
 exactly  as  it  is,  which  won't  make  it  any better for you.
In the latest  developments the  Keshe  Foundation  has
created  a plasma unit that is currently  able  to  feed
your  body  with  plasma  without  activating  the
digestive system. This will be all that is needed
to maintain the body without aging it. Type
'Keshe' into youtube & start studying if
interested. The same unit has a
healing application and free
energy  for  all  needs.
The Body Does The Work - Management Needed Only
Now some foods are really good at helping the body to eliminate other food. This is what the
 focus of this work is about. In eliminating older toxic food from your system and adding a
little exercise you can get rid of disease and reverse the aging process. Once again let
 me emphasizeOld stored food requires energy for your body to deal with, many 
times long after it's ingested. When it finally gets eliminated there's extra 
energy left over for the body to deal with any disease and start to 
reverse aging. The body alone gets rid of disease. Food doesn't
 do it. And less food in your system doesn't magically make
it happen either.  Your body  has the capability  of
 reversing  disease  and  aging.  With less to 
manage,  and  lighter  food to digest,
the body then has more energy
 to  do it's  work.  Exercise
is key to aid the body 
with extra energy
to do this work.
Understanding This is Key
Certain very toxic foods seem to give you energy. Some animal products especially have the
 quality of making one feel energized after eating. This point may be one of the most 
significant. Wrapping your head around this is essential. All animal products are
 terrible for your system. Every time you eat them you destroy some of the 
platelets of your vein walls throughout your entire system. The reason
 for the feeling of energy is very simple, adrenaline. When your body 
senses it has consumed something that is very toxic it jacks up 
the adrenal glands to get it out of you as quickly as it can. 
2 or 3 decades of doing this and your adrenals just 
won't work like before leading you with feeling
sluggish most all the time. At this time rapid
aging and disease usually manifest. The
adrenaline rush is basically a fight or
 flight response to poison. It feels
 good but if used excessively
can lead to major health
Double Energy Getting Tricked To Quit
Another key point is if you’ve not eaten in a while your body will have started to detox itself. It
views this as  THE priority for  self preservation,  so it doesn't give you much energy while it's
doing this important work.  Your body will typically make it’s best effort when finally given
 a small chance to clean itself out. The majority of its energy goes to doing just that with
 little left over for you to use doing daily tasks.  This can leave one feeling lethargic, 
tired,  and without energy.  So at this point if you were to consume something
 toxic the  energetic effect is doubled. The body instantly stops detoxing.
 This makes  you feel better all by itself. Plus your adrenal glands get
 activated  to help get  rid of the toxicity you just put in.  Double
 Energy! Most don’t understand  the entire process thinking 
the poison just  consumed was  good for them in some 
way. Suddenly they  are  feeling better temporarily
and that's all that matters to most. This energy
rush is at the expense of long term health
and some  of the overall  effects are
similar  to  having  ingested
recreational  drug


Besides taste (part of the high), this 2X energy is the number one reason people think they
need animal products, believe they are in some way good for them, and kid themselves
into going back to eating them after quitting initially. Most drug addicts have one or
more erroneous justifications to rationalize their high too. Just by eating any food
that isn't even highly toxic will slow down the body's ability to detox and this
sometimes results in greater energy by itself. Then if what you're eating
is toxic enough to kick in the adrenals,  you may feel doubly better
for a time. Good luck with that. Paying others to raise tortured
animals to be slaughtered is beyond justifying. What we call
animals are fellow beings we share the earth with. They
love their young and have many if not all of the exact
feelings we do. When they are tortured they feel
it every minute it's going on. When they are
happy it's obvious by how they look and
act. They truly are our brothers and
sisters on this planet we share.
It's difficult for me to discuss
this. The pain of billions
being slaughtered is
too much to think
 Slowing Detox Eating Often Sleep Mo Less
 Many  at the start of being vegan tend to  eat more often  and in greater amounts. They do this
without understanding the why behind this. Detox starts to happen with any improvement
of your diet. Detox can sap your energy & eating slows this process down so your energy
picks up thus eating more often tends to help this somewhat. Also, part of the detox
process may involve needing more sleep. If you feel you're just eating, sleeping,
and exercising at the start after a significant life style improvement, It may
be a much needed detoxification is going on that is behind all this. Just
hang in there and give your body enough time to adapt to it's new
better internal environment. Down the way these very things
may reverse themselves. You may get to the point once
largely detoxed where you find you need much less
sleep. On top of that your eating will naturally
regulate to the point where you don't
feel you need to eat constantly.
This usually happens after
most of the detoxing
is through.

Water Help For Elimination Cycle
Once on high water content raw foods the detox process can go on for months even years.
This process will separate the people who have the will power to stick with their goal
  & get their health & youth back and the ones that lose their way. One habit that
 will speed this process up is drinking warmed high PH water in the morning
 upon awakening. The reason for this is your body follows regular cycles 
throughout any 24 hour period. The first is the elimination cycle.
During sleep water evaporates from your body so
putting it back to use during this cycle
speeds this process up

Largest Organ Repairs Itself on Raw

If you begin this to reverse aging and not just to find your ultimate health then more than
likely you're going to be losing some weight, which will be very beneficial to you. First
sometimes the initial loss can cause your skin to sag some since there's less flesh
underneath it. Unless you're very young to begin with, this will not repair itself
except for raw foodists especially HiwawaRaw. It's the left over energy after
quick digestion that allows for this. So, at the start you may look a little
worse and this can be alarming. Believe me if you are on HiwawaRaw
your system will take care of this sagging skin and afterwards
you'll look much better & younger. If you lose weight with
a toxic diet the likelihood of this happening is slim.
This is the point where some unfortunately get
plastic surgery simply because they don't
know how to get their body to repair
it's skin by itself, which it certainly
will do sticking to HiwawaRaw
with some exercise.
Smoothie Recipe
I very much  like consuming  the same thing over and over  if I like it.  Here's an offering of one
recipe. It has been published before in a raw food book by Tonya Zavasta. I submitted it . She
 accepted it and published it in one of her books. Any of the ingredients can be exchanged,
 left out, or other ingredients added. All are organic. Nowadays I go to Trader Joes & buy
their  carrot Juice.  Then  Harmless Harvest Raw Coconut Water at Whole Foods or
Publix. Get some grapes, avocados, romaine lettuce, and frozen strawberries.
To start pour a little carrot juice & coconut water in a blender. Add some
 grapes, a few frozen strawberries, and some lettuce. Lastly use
enough avocado to give the entire drink a pudding 
consistency. Blend and that's it, yummy. 
Thousands of Sandwiches Last Recipe
Let's face it.  We've been trained to like sandwiches.  Bread with a condiment or two and maybe
some  lettuce and tomato.  It's one of the ways that has  tricked us into consuming dead animal corpses,  which  certainly aren't palatable naturally like fruits and some veggies.  The smell and
taste of these corpses are horrible without masking or covering it up  with cooking and spices.
A grandson born in 2009  has never eaten meat because  no matter what way was used to try
to  trick him to  cover it up,  he  always  rejected it.  The  taste buds  are the  only  part  of the
system  being  tricked. The body knows  when you've consumed something  that is harmful
& reacts to it as such.   Again, this is how aging and disease are slowly built.  The following
recipe for me mimics the taste of a sandwich.  First start with organic Manna Bread with
 carrot & raisins. This is bread made from spouts & is soft like cake & has to be kept cold
constantly. Then use Simply Mayo by Hampton Creek. Add slices of organic tomatoes.
(I squeeze out the seeds first being too acidic for my tastes.)  I use organic romaine
lettuce to hold my sandwich instead of the bread. I put small broken up pieces of
the bread along with the  other ingredients into the lettuce & fold it over or use
two leaves.  I also  add  guacamole from  Trader Joes,  which is the  only brand
that is  packaged that I like the taste of.  I don't like their spicy brand.  Then
I add a little squashed avocado to further dilute the taste of the packaged
guacamole. You'll have to figure out which ingredients you like more
or less of. It's extremely tasty. It's obviously not Hiwawaraw or all
raw but is a great interim recipe with mainly raw ingredients.
If you're 100% raw well the vegan mayo and sprout
bread may be considered cheating. :-)
Your Path Your Way
Now  that’s  the  food part.  I've shown you a slice of my path.  You’ve  got to find your own way.
Hopefully in & around the framework of what is offered here you'll find something that helps 
you with the  will power and desire to  succeed  with what ever health goals you set when it
comes to your personal ever changing  consumption habits. I gave you more than  enough
information  to help  with that side of  your life if you choose to use it and can find your
way to understanding  & accepting the simple truths offered.  It was 50 years of study
off and on to come to all these  conclusions and there's no expectation others  will
embrace all of it right away. The false ideas and programming the controllers of
this society have filled most with that everyone  has continuously repeated
to each other as facts  will hold most back  from seeing the  light of  real
truth for themselves straight away. The process may take some time
like peeling layers of an onion one by one. Several layers may
have to be peeled back first before getting down to
accepting some key truths offered up here.
No Sale
  I’m not here to string this out, sell books, charge for anything, or hold your hand.  If I'm one of
many that succeed in helping people live longer, gain more confidence in life, and have
more fun in the process then I help create a world where more people are having
fun and staying healthy. I then get to live in that world, which should be
 more fun, exciting, playful, and interesting. That's my selfishness. 
Artists of all kinds the world over may get more time to
hone their craft and we all benefit. On to exercise.
"Pace" Dr. Al Sears Normal Cardio Killing You
First, if you do regular cardio you are killing yourself slowly but surely. It shrinks the lungs and
 heart, which leads to accelerated aging, disease, and causes weight gain. Please go find 
and read the book entitled “Pace” by Dr. Al Sears. Used copies on amazon or ebay
should be very cheap. Harvard University studies on down prove the
statement regarding cardio without a shadow of a doubt. The
 rest is diet advice, which I highly recommend to skip. 
If you skim over the research (all of it comes to
the same conclusion), avoid the 
supplement and diet advice,
 you should finish the 
book in an hour.
Good Cardio 
In a nut shell what ever your favorite cardio exercise was keep doing it but differently. Keep
the total exertion time under 20 minutes. Spend only 5 minutes of exertion time or less
at a time. Instead of putting 75-85% effort put in 90-95% effort. The lower effort 
burns fat, which causes your body to store fat over the next 24 hours getting 
ready for the next time, where-as the 90-95% effort comes from muscle.
 This leads to burning fat & adding energy to muscles for the next 24
 hours  after the exercise  getting  ready for the  next time. This
completely  changes  your metabolism  over time.  You feel
more energetic and youthful. Instead of getting energy
from slow burning fat you have energy stored in
the muscles that is readily available and is
quickly released like you had as
a child or teen.
Strengthens Heart Lungs at Any Age
Ultra cardio builds your heart and lung capacity. It is stated in scientific circles the  number one
 determining factor of how long you’ll live disease free is your lung and heart health. Pay close
attention to consumption habits to keep them strong.  A natural HiwawaRaw diet will help
keep your  entire system youthful and  functioning at  optimum health.  Between cardio
sets make sure your heart rate comes down to normal. Then begin again. You’ll find
your highest heart rate will increase over time and your resting heart rate will
start to decrease  after doing this  exercise consistently.  Also, the ease and
velocity  your  heart  rate  increases  and  decreases  will  also  speed up.
All these changes are signs of greater heart and lung health. Some
kids heart rates can increase within a few seconds to as high as
240 beats per minute. Then they may drop down within 15
seconds to normal. That's the ultimate sign of health
  and what you might be aiming for or at
least should be aware of.
Turn Back Clock for Lungs Heart
In Dr.  Sears  book  "Pace"  he recommends 8-12 minutes of total exertion time for  ultra  cardio.
There's  also  given  a more accurate  way to  determine your true heart and lung age  based on
your  highest  heart  rate  you  achieve during your ultra cardio.  Normally 220 bpm  (beats per
minute) minus your age is how it's determined. The more accurate method is 208 bpm minus
.7 times your age.  I’ve significantly  increased my highest heart rate  over time  doing ultra
cardio.  When  I  started it was like someone in their 40’s.  Now  MY BEST high heart rate
reflects that of a teen or less no matter which method I use to figure it. Today I did 6
sets of ultra cardio in a row. Each set was between 90 seconds & 3 minutes. My
highest heart rate was  194 bpm. The normal method of figuring this would
suggest my heart & lung health today reflects that of a 26 year old. With
the more accurate  method it reflects that of a  20 year old.  Lets say
each method has some merrit then we'd take an average, which
would be 23 years old. I'm 59 years old but my heart & lung
health today  reflects that of someone  23 years old.
How kewl is that? This method of increasing
your heart & lung health through using
ultra cardio works all by itself no
matter what you consume. It
just works better with
raw foods.
Runners are hurting themselves unless they are doing their running in interval segments.
Marathoners drop dead all the time and the best of them are always too skinny
because their hearts and lungs have been compromised. Having said that
interval sprints under 5 minutes each are extremely good for you,
building your heart and lungs. We are like Lions and should
exercise with great effort over a short period of time
then rest before going again. Fight or flight
response is built into the human
system. That is where it all
stems from and has
never changed.  

Ultra Cardio + Long Duration Running = Maintaining

Doing Ultra Cardio on a regular basis allows you to do any other type of exercise. Marathons
aren't good for your heart and lungs in the long run. But in the short run it's not going to
hurt you as long as regular interval type exercises are done too. When I say interval
exercises I strongly suggest letting your heart rate normalize between sets. It's
much better than following a timer, which may have you starting too soon
before your heart gets back to normal. Now if you are trying to build
your heart and lungs strength it's not going to happen when doing
both type of exercises because one builds while the other is
tearing down. Doing both types will simple leave you
maintaining your current level of strength. If it's
what you love, long runs don't have to tear
you down as long as you keep building
yourself up afterwards with
ultra cardio.

Body Builders Natural Ultra Cardio
Body builders that train with high weight do ultra cardio naturally and don't need any other
cardio. They get their heart rate up during their ultra intense sets putting in the 90-95%
effort for a short period of time and resting in between (lowering their heart rate)
and that is perfect. It's all the supplements, powders, normal cardio,
 and protein that they think they need, which is
usually their long term downfall.
Sports Figure Wins Title Again Masquerades As Own Son
I was first exposed to the importance of raw foods when I was 10 years old in the mid 1960's by
Dr. Gene Stanley. He was a teacher, body builder, message therapist, professional wrestler
and a fruitarian. He used to wrestle professionally back when wrestling was a legitimate
sport. He won the world title several times and then his health started to deteriorate
in his 50's because of a SAD diet (Standard American Diet). The doctor's gave up
on him and could offer him nothing. He then took matters into his own
hands & started researching and discovered raw foods, reversed
his aging, & got his health back. After that he went back
into the still legitimate wrestling circuit under 
the name of his own son and won
the world title again.
Rest Between To Normal Rate & Variable Rate Sets
Between cardio sets make sure your heart rate comes down to normal. Then begin again. You’ll
find  the highest heart rate will increase over time when doing this exercise consistently. In Dr.
Sears  book  he  recommends  8-12 minutes of  total exertion time.  Here's a new habit, which
seems to speed up the whole process a little. Start paying close attention to your heart rate
from second to second. During the short cardio exertion sets try pushing yourself a little
harder on and off. So instead  of finding a semi comfortable 90-95% exertion rate and
sticking  with that  during the short cardio sets,  try varying the exertion  rate from
50% to between 95-100%. Still make sure sure  you're at the  higher rate most of
the time. And hit your maximum for at least a couple seconds one time. Your
heart rate will still stay high this way & will actually  get higher if  you get
used to when to put the lower effort (50%) in and how long.  Another
side benefit is in the middle of a set it feels like your getting some
rest while still moving. If your heart rate has suddenly reached
a plateau with your highest effort drop down to 50% effort &
it may start to go up more.  Stay at this lower effort if you
see it increasing.  When it starts to plateau  begin your 
full effort again until another new plateau is found.
Just keep repeating the process in the middle
of your short 5 minute or less set. If you 
see during your lower effort your
heart  rate  is  falling  begin
the higher effort again.
Be A Lion
Doing the Pace or ultra cardio plus yoga exercises really kicks your body in gear to reverse
 aging when done in conjunction with HiwawaRaw. Without it you are not going to get
 the results otherwise. In regards to ultra cardio, we still have animal bodies that 
are made for quick fight or flight just like a Lion, except a Lion doesn't spend
much of that energy running away from anything. If you’re just coasting
 along with normal cardio, not breaking a sweat and resting in
between, you’re just kidding yourself, wasting time, and
shrinking your heart and lung capacity over time. 
The dirt box will be waiting for you 
sooner rather than later.

Muscle Work A Must
Muscle work  is imperative if you want to retain or regain what you had in your youth.  I do the 
minimum.  I’ve  no  desire  to  bulk  up,  just  maintain.  So  with that approach  here  are  my 
recommendations. I use my legs with my ultra cardio so I don’t do leg muscle work. Gluts
 are important to maintain so I do 2 of those, both work my legs at the same time. I do
one for biceps. Triceps are the largest muscle in your arms so I do that regularly
 since in normal life they don’t get exercised. Shoulders I do but am very
careful with because of too many injuries. And I do one chest
 exercise. So far that's only 6 weight exercises. Now
here are only 2 more and that's it.
Core Muscle Work Speeds Up Detox
Your core is important to keep up with if you want your body to have the muscle strength to do
 the work of eliminating all the old toxic food & do everything else in life with ease. One back
& one stomach exercise for the core is needed but more may be better for you. Count to
 3 slowly on the negative side of each weight exercise. This way less weight is used to
 get the same work out and there's never worry about wasting time warming up
or injuries caused by high weight. A 6 week cycle is used. The first two weeks
are 2 sets with each exercise, low weight, 8-12 reps, and a minute between
sets. The next 2 weeks 3 sets, high weights, 4-7 reps, and 45 seconds
between sets. The 5th week 4 sets, low weight, 8-12 reps, & 30
seconds between sets. The last week is 5 sets, high weight,
4-7 reps, and 30 seconds between sets. Changing your
work out every week or two causes confusion.
The body never adapts and keeps getting
stronger. Keep note or your progress.
Reaching the max # of reps the last
set means it's time for a weight
increase when that week
comes up again during
the next six week
2 or 3 Weight Exercises 3 or 4 Times Weekly Easy Stuff
 That's only 8 weight exercises and the time spent on cardio is now much less. About 4 times
 a week I do my muscle work and only 2 exercises per day. Sometimes I may do 3 weight
exercises in a day so then I only do weights 3 times a week. Then I jump to ultra
cardio or Pace. Usually I do my yoga first because it adds energy. More 
exercise may be better than my recommendations. 
This works for me at this time. 
Yoga - Xtra Energy, Keep Limber, Ascend, Meditation
Yoga was invented to aid in the ascension process (raising consciousness). It also is a great way
 to get more energy when combined with breath work. Plus, most young people are naturally 
limber. Yoga keeps you this way. No other exercise has so many benefits. I do a modified
version of the five rites (look online) by adding breath work. Breath heavy during the 
exercises and at the end of each exercise hold your breath and apply a root lock 
(pull up ever so slightly between your groin and anus and hold). You may find
 yourself  in  heaven  for a few minutes  if you get good at this. It can cause
energy to rise up your spine  flowing off  the top of your head.  This can
put one in a state of absolute bliss. At that moment may be a great
time to slip into meditation. The spiritual, mental, and health
benefits  of  regular  meditation  are  widely  known.
The 5 rites were invented for longevity and 
are key to feeling very energized.

Technology Not Needed - You Are The Ultimate Technology

There are a couple other ways I've heard to extend life. One is raising consciousness to the level
of functioning as a 6th to 9th  dimensional being.  Apparently they don't even need a body and
just project one for their  own purposes when ever it  becomes necessary. The second way is
using an age regressing machine. I've heard these exist from a long list of sources in one or
more of the Secret Space Programs I've studied.  Plus I've discussed this one on one with
Michael Relfe, a whistle blower of an SSP. An age regressing device was used on him
while he was in one of the secret space programs.  There's also a way to clone
a person and attach the head to the clone. There is also nano technology 
that is supposed to continuously keep your body healthy from the 
inside out.  With all of these methods I've no knowledge of their
side effects and have no access to right now so I'm left with
what I know works. Attaching a head to a body and
nano technology to heal the body are subjects
that have now gone mainstream. Look
them up if interested.

Clear The Complexity Fog

Try the two simple suggestions offered here. Add more HiwawaRaw & a little correct exercise. Temporarily ignore even seemingly similar health knowledge and go forward with this now.
The fog of complexity will start to fade regarding disease, aging, personal energy, power,
and health. The complexity was put there on purpose to coerce you to doubt yourself
  and  your body's  own built in  god like power.  Most all of the complexity of this
societies nutritional and medical knowledge were systematically designed
to convince you to rely on doctors, pills, potions, supplements, testing,
  and procedures for your health. Begin to let go of as many of those
programmed ideas as you can because you may find most in
time clearly to be useless and false except to create profit
for  the  medical  establishment. Most  doctors  are
unknowingly or knowingly simply trained drug
pushers  for  the  pharmaceutical  industry
and nothing more. No matter how nice
of a bedside manner they have many
will  have a  large  ego  problem
if you question their advice.
Deprogram yourself and
take personal control
of your health.
It's  extremely important  to get  enough sleep  during the  detox experienced  when  improving
your consumption intake. In order to get the best sleep you need to have adequate circulation.
The only   way to  insure  this,  is to sleep  in a slightly inclined position.  Every Egyptian had an
inclined bed.  If you  look up "incline bed therapy" you'll  find  a long  list  of  diseases  will go
away naturally if you sleep with  your mattress or bed frame 6 inches higher on  your head
side. Also, segmented sleep is more natural than sleeping straight for 8 hours each night
then going all day long being busy. You may have to do this to be part of this system of
slaves that this society is built on but it's not the best way to get your rest. Sleeping
on your left side or back is much healthier than you right side. Again, look it up
yourself to solidify the validity. The sooner you can stop eating during the
day  or evening the better for your health.  Sleeping & digesting don't
mix well for getting  sufficient rest.  Drinking  a  little water  right
before bed is  also good  for sleep as long as it's not too much
to keep you up going to the bathroom. If you have legs on
your bed you can jack them up with blocks on one side.
I had to use a stiff 4' by 8' particle board with some
strategically placed 4 foot 2 by 4's  nailed on top
of each other across it to make sure it didn't
eventually warp. First I stacked & nailed 3
together then 2 a few feet from each
other to be sure the board didn't
 warp and that it was 6 inches
higher on the top side.
Response to comment saying I look good for my age on Facebook
Thanks. It's really not very special. It's only this society at this time. The settlers from Europe couldn't tell the difference between the Indians that were in their 20's & 60's when they first arrived on the American shores. And on a completely different subject, which all will be exposed to soon. We've already colonized our solar system secretly. We've been dealing/trading with over 900 different non-terrestrial civilizations. The average human throughout the universe lives 1000 years & there are some places where that is 3000 years. The ages in the bible were correct no matter how people try to discount them. Noah lived 900+ years. It's lifestyle changes that determine how long you live. You are in control. And eating low grade poisons & thick heavy dry cooked food that is not toxic enough to kill your right away does still kill you over a few short decades & most everyone is still doing that on this planet at this time.
Squarely In Your Lap - Energy - Power
The matrix of this world is built to take your power away, especially your health. The largest, 
greediest, most unethical, & greatest power stripping industry is Big Pharma. Never in history has there ever been a set of corporations that have been fined so often & heavily for breaking so many laws, killed and maimed so many people in the name of health, and have not been shut down for being a criminal enterprise of which they most certainly are. These huge fines are paid as a regular cost of doing business and nobody goes to jail. Almost the entire legal and political system that allows them to continue is also criminal and bought and paid for by them. Big Pharma is the most profitable cartel on earth & now even more so than the energy cartel. Both of these cartels are owned by the same set of central bankers. None of these companies have an interest in curing any disease. They only want to keep you sick and a slave to their toxic products & high prices. If you've ever taken any of their products you've bought into a huge scam. Very conservatively Big Pharma's products taken as prescribed just in the USA alone EVERY YEAR kill 100,000+ people. This is an absolute Holocaust & happening everyday here in America without it ever being broadcast on their major news. It's the amount of people killed everyday that would fit into a fully loaded jet liner then never whispered about, just covered up day after day. Beware there are plenty of naive good people that work in and around this industry that have your best interests in mind but not the right knowledge to help you and thus participate in the scam unknowingly.
The body has great power to heal and reverse aging all by itself if provided with an easy healthful internal environment with short bursts of exercise stress. Combining more HiwawaRaw and a little correct exercise (both added gradually at first) will prove this to you. As these natural changes become habits the knowledge of your own energy & power (mental and physical) increases. Only you can do this. The criminals and their naive highly educated programmed followers (some with degrees) will try to make the ideas on this page seem overly complex, unsubstantiated, or only good for the highly spiritual by writing their own narratives using some of the same key buzz words used here. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just start trying to the best of your ability and you'll find out quickly how extremely simple, easy, and truly effective this is. Reread the simple truths here from time to time. Let them sink in. Over the last 50 years I've read a huge amount of information specifically about the health subjects I discuss throughout here. Most of it was useless & worthless. You've stumbled onto some rare simple profoundly significant truth here. Think about it carefully. Don't look down at this gold bar & walk away. Pick it up. Cash it in and reap the rewards of new found health, youth, & power. It's up to you to experiment to prove it to yourself. Give yourself a chance.
 All truth goes through 3 stages. First it's
ridiculed, 2nd violently opposed, 3rd
accepted as self evident 
This work is open source. Feel free to plagiarize.
Ok here is one great url. Hopefully it's stays up.
How to Raise Your Consciousness & Vibration Through Diet
Here's a video that will lead to all sorts of recipes & other videos that give the mechanics of how to begin.
Be sure and click on Lissa's profile before & after picture on her FB website below to blow it up.
I believe she was 35 or 36 when she went raw & the after picture is just one year later.
Lissa (who's pics are on my website) now has 2 books, which I recommend:

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